Portfolio Status Update - Frequency of Updates to be decided by Portfolio Owner

Hi Folks,

There is a lot of discussion on status update frequency and who controls what notifications are pushed.

Here is my usercase which I would like to see an enhancement to it and that is:
Portfolio mmbrs are sent weekly status reports via email.
As a portolio owner, I know that the portflio status update is only provided monthly, so I would like the ability to edit this to monthly when I am adding stakeholders to the portfolio.

This of course will not override whatever email notificationpreference these stakeholders set on their acount… but at least it give me a bitof control over the duration, and stops these emails from appearing like span for 3 out of 4 weeks.


Hi @Rashad_Issa, thanks for providing this feedback.

I also agree that it would be great if the Portfolio Owner could decide the cadence for updates.

Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the future :crossed_fingers:t2: I’ll keep you posted :slight_smile:

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Would also love to see this feature added! Our company is looking to onboard each function to report via Asana portfolios which would require different cadences, be it weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. I would love to have to ability to adjust this manually.

Is there any update on when this feature could potentially be implemented?

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