Get portfolio-level status updates by email

AFAIK, the portfolio email updates only include progress updates for the projects within that portfolio. But we write updates at the portfolio level, and we’d like to be able to get an email notification whenever those are submitted for a portfolio we’re following.

Alternatively, if Rules were possible at the Portfolio level, we could probably create a custom rule to send a Slack notification or something else when these were posted.

Hi @zoe3, thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

If you have been added as a Member of a Portfolio, you will receive a Weekly Report email provided you have your email notifications turned on. This email is sent once a week and it contains project status updates in your Portfolios.

You can enable weekly reports for Portfolios in your email notifications following these steps: Email notifications | Product guide • Asana

However, it’s currently not possible to receive notifications only for Status updates shared at the portfolio level. Hopefully we can implement this in the future!

Is " Status updates shared at the portfolio level" in scope or the pipeline for any upcoming upgrades?

If not yet, do you have a specific link to upvote this feature?

When is this sent out? I need to inform my managers when to expect this.