Batch notifications for status updates

It’s a bit annoying to get individual status updates for every single project. In my case, my team typically updates all statuses at the same time as part of ongoing portfolio management. It would be nice to have one notification where projects were grouped by either team or portfolio – “# of projects in this team have status updates” so I can browse them all at once rather than having to archive dozens of individual notifications.

Hi @Justine_D, you can create a portfolio and send a status update for all projects at once instead of updating the status per project.

This doesn’t entirely solve my problem because I want to continue to use individual project status updates, rather than the portfolio status update. Is there a way to combine/batch notifications for this that I just can’t seem to find? Or should I submit as product feedback?

I see @Justine_D! We currently don’t send batch notifications for status updates but it’s certainly a good idea and I see how this can improve your workflow! I moved your thread back to the #productfeedback category.

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