Change who gets weekly portfolio report via email


I am the Asana administrator for a company. Not everyone who has access to each portfolio for the company wants weekly updates on those portfolios. I know you can manage who gets updates in each project and how to do that, and I know how to add collaborators on reports for each project so they don’t miss anything, but I don’t see how I can change who gets the weekly reports for each portfolio.

I don’t see anything on the forum and I haven’t been able to find anything via a google search. Help is appreciated!


Hi @Jessica_Back. This weekly notification for portfolio updates are managed by each user individually. I believe it is an all or nothing notification (You can’t select which of your portfolios you get weekly updates on). See this link for details:

  1. Click on your picture in upper right corner of Asana window, then select “My Profile Settings…”
  2. Select “Notifications”
  3. Under “Email Notifications” , untick the Weekly Reports (status updates on projects in your portfolios).

This will remove all weekly updates around the portfolios which the user is a member of. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your help!