Include Portfolio Summary in Weekly Portfolio report email

#1: Text and highlights from a portfolio’s Update Status on the Progress tab should be included in the weekly portfolio report email that Asana auto-generates each Sunday morning. In one email/click this would provide a complete summary of the portfolio itself followed by each project in that portfolio. Currently it only states if the portfolio is On Track, Of Track, etc.

As it stands, to read the actual portfolio update, the recipient has to know that more status information is available by clicking “View Portfolio”…Then they must know and click on the Progress tab to read the actual portfolio summary. For some leadership…that is too many steps. They need one click/place to view this information. This brings up…

#2 If the above is not implemented, When “View Portfolio” is clicked from the weekly portfolio report email, it should land on the Progress tab…not the list of projects in the portfolio. By clicking “View Portfolio” in a report email, I expect to see more status update info on that portfolio. I do not expect to land on a list of projects and then navigate to a different section for a status report. The link should be renamed “View Portfolio Summary Update” and land on the portfolio progress tab.

Work around:
The weekly portfolio report will include all info from the first section of each project’s status update. So, in an effort to have the portfolio and project updates in one email, I include all project update info in a single section of the individual project status updates. Since the current weekly portfolio email does not include the portfolio summary update in the email, I then complete and post the portfolio update on Monday morning and attach the weekly portfolio email to the portfolio summary. This way the portfolio summary and all project status updates are in one place and more easily visible. This is not ideal but is a workaround until Asana includes the actual portfolio summary update in the weekly portfolio report…which would be much more efficient and less confusing for all.


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