Pop-up window end of free trial not closing for Asana desktop

Hello everybody, I am experiencing some issues with the Asana (v. 1.15.0) desktop app that I have seen has already been met by other users during time.
My 30 days free trial has ended and the pop-up window appearing in the app to inform me about it cannot be closed.
Clicking on “choose your plan” the only options appearing are non-free versions of Asana.

I have tried clearing the cookies but that didn’t work either.

Thank you very much for the help,

Welcome, @Elena_Pompa_Pacchi,

To proceed, click the tiny text link in the small print at the top, which references Asana Basic, the free plan. That will allow you to dismiss the dialog.

It’s unfortunate that Asana has chosen to present the four alternatives as three, which has proven to trip up users regularly. I wish they’d change this to better align with their core values at About Asana • Asana.



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They have now removed even the ‘tiny’ link so its purely a mousetrap - seems you now have to send an email to Support to ask them to continue the basic plan — so misleading and deceptive.

I was able to find the option to “downgrade to basic plan” via the desktop app.

It was a bit of a pain (had to first download the desktop app, then the pop-up had the tiny link with the option).