Asana wont let me go past the subscription pop up

Asana wont let me go past a pop up telling me my free trial is over! I am part of a business account though, so this makes no sense!

Steps to reproduce:

Browser version: Chrome and Edge

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Kirsty_Meyer , welcome to the forum :wave:

This could be a number of things but I’m guessing you may have tried a trial version using a different email address…?

Try the following:

Click on your avatar/profile picture in the top right of the screen. Do you see more than one workspace/orgs listed? If so, select your Business account org/workspace that you usually use.

If the pop up is not allowing you to do this, hit select plan and on the next screen you should be able to switch your account (as per above).

If still blocked, select the basic free plan and then try the above.

thanks Richard - all sorted!

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