Poll-2017 Enhancements You Would Like To See


I thought I would start the new year asking my fellow community group participants to name 2 major enhancements and 2 smaller enhancements they would list as rising to the top of their requests to Asana. So here I go


  1. Ability to Save Own Templates
  2. More robust Files section with search etc


  1. Collapsible left hand pane to Team Level
  2. Adding “Waiting On” to Advanced Search

So there you have it


Ability to Save Own Templates
More robust Files section with search etc (A way to organize in folders a la Basecamp/File Folder)
Being able to add images directly in comments
Add ways to move columns so we can see more


I’d like to see (in no particular order):

  1. Push notifications work on iOS when you set a task due time.
  2. Saving custom templates.
  3. Custom Fields on the subtask level.
  4. Unified task view for all workspaces.


Happy 2017, @James_Carl @StephanieC @paulminors @J Valdivia ! I’ll be happy to add your feedback to our customer feedback project.

In keeping with project etiquette :wink: I’ll need to add a why to these requests. For your top request(s) - or all of them if you have time - could you please add the reason why and any relevant details that you think could help the product team? Once you do that our team will be better equipped to take action where possible. Thank you!



  1. Ability to Save Own Templates

This one is pretty self-explanatory and I believe it is already on Asana’s path. Saving your own templates would be a great addition for many different kinds of companies and workflow process. I could think of lots of examples but I assume any business providing services to clients would use this often, ie. attorney’s, accountants, … Standardized processes for standardized services.

  1. More robust Files section with search etc

As it stands right now the Files section does not have any organizational structure that I am aware of. It would be nice to be able to do such things as A. Put files in a folder B. Sort by file type C. File Creation Date D. File Creator, much of the same as Advanced Search but maybe already organized. Or much like the adding the Recommended View Structure Option to the File View. If you solve by using the the View option it would be great to have a Primary Sort and a Secondary Sort. This would be good in several cases throughout Asana


  1. Collapsible left hand pane to Team Level

This would be such a great time saver. When you are participating in a number of teams such as small company executive teams and managers do it would be so nice to collapse to team level for the entire left pane. It is a pain to manually collapse the pane to Team level :). I had this same problem with a online solution I used a couple years ago. They finally did it and everybody was happy.

  1. Adding “Waiting On” to Advanced Search

Unfortunately the Waiting On feature has no way that I am aware of to search what tasks you are Waiting On unless you create a redundant tag or custom field. Advanced Search should allow you to search tasks you are a precedent task to or search for tasks that are dependent on you. (You also definable)

Thanks for your consideration


In 2017 I’d love to be able to do the following…


  1. Multi-select from items in a custom field drop down <3 - Why: We are using a project as campaign calendar (with the help of Instagantt) and are leveraging custom fields to provide a high level overview of what is in market and info at a glance per campaign. One thing we cannot currently track is what the channels/media is in the mix for various campaigns we are running. Multi-select option would make it easy to tick off the boxes to have a quick visual and provide more context. We tried tags but it were not happy with that option.
  2. Have a calendar option in a custom field type (would help with consistency in using custom fields that pertain to dates) Why: We would like to be able to indicate start and end dates of various campaigns and currently using the text box option leads to inconsistencies across tasks given the many ways you can write a date.


  1. Better file management/view-ability in projects(have a list view vs. tile view) Why: Currently it is difficult to quickly see file names and other pertinent info related to files living in Asana. I’d like the files to resemble a list view in Windows where we can see what files are there, sort by file name, who uploaded, and/or date modified/uploaded.
  2. See a real flying unicorn :slight_smile: …ok that would be major… Why? Why not :slight_smile:
    Happy New Year!


Unified task list and inbox for all workspaces - When working across multiple workspaces and organizations, it’s not always clear when there are new notifications or tasks to complete. Having a combined MyTasks pages would make the user experience more seemless and you wouldn’t need to jump between spaces to see all your work.


Great feedback! I’ll add this to the necessary project(s). Thanks all.


Hi all,

I’d like to act as our guest accounts for two main reasons :

  • make sure their Asana environment is right
  • share my screen during a meeting without showing the others projects I am currently working on.


1. Save my own templates

This would make it easy for everyone at our company to quickly and easily add Projects for the things we do most frequently, and would prevent us from having to copy projects.

*2. Create Default Projects / Teams / Tasks for all new users

Right now, when new users log into our organization, I think it can be a bit overwhelming, and they’re not sure where to jump in. If we could have a fresh “New Hire Onboarding” Project and perhaps our “Company Manual” Project waiting for them by default, that’d make their onboarding experience much smoother, and would prevent us from having to manually copy projects or add new people to projects.


Thanks for this feedback @Mickael1 and @drewshannon. I appreciate you providing so much detail and your why. :slight_smile:


@drewshannon One thing that might help you in the meantime is creating an “Onboarding Template” project that you copy for each employee. Each task could instruct your new employees to join a specific project or take a specific action (ex. Sign up for your HR benefits). We do this at Asana and I can say from personal experience that using this template was extremely helpful. I even saved my onboarding project in my favorites so I can reference it at anytime today. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi @Alexis, we actually do the same thing and have those Projects created, but it’d be nice if they were automatically waiting for every new user instead of us having to remember to make copies. Similarly, it’d be nice if new users could automatically join specific teams (our main company one, for example) instead of us having to “set up” Asana for each new user.

We love the way that Slack does this - we can assign “Default” Channels for each new user.


I like checking the calendar view when i’m trying to sum up what I’ll be doing that week; and being able to drag them around as my schedule changes.
What I’d love to see is a list of tasks on the calendar that don’t have due dates so I could drag them onto days that I might be able to squeeze them in.

It’d help after doing a brainstorm (of tasks on a project) to be able to see all the tasks created and help work out reasonable estimates straight from the calendar view.

I’m not sure if it’d work on the team calendar, but on the project calendar view would be great :slight_smile:


Second this feedback! I would love for my calendar view to have a list of tasks section (maybe optional to view/hide in the top or left side?) that I could drag and drop into due dates. That’s a fantastic way to visually line out your week/month of tasks, or to do the same within a project to time it out well. For example, we build websites for small businesses. They typically take 6-8 weeks to build out. It would be incredibly valuable to be able to build out due dates FROM The calendar view at the beginning of each project. It would be so much cleaner when project planning.


Activity history per user and per project would be incredibly helpful. For example, sometimes I forget to track my billable hours in the moment. When I do, I want to be able to click to see my “activity history” to go back and track my time.

When I’m in a project management role, activity view per project would allow me to at-a-glance see what kind of progress has been made recently for any given client/project from my team. That view is valuable for project management and for prepping for a client meeting or an impromptu client phone call.


@WideSmiler how do you track activity history today?

I find it helpful to sort projects and My Tasks (mine or others’) by completed tasks. I often use advanced search to search for completed tasks by due date. Some folks like to export that to a CSV, as well.


I second the Activity history!
What I normally do is search for all the tasks assigned to me sorted by date of modification. However, this list is incomplete since there are tasks not assigned to me which I checkout and comment on. There’s no ‘modified by’ filter in the advanced search.


Great Poll!
Major - love it and Minor - can I sneak more than 2?! :wink:


  1. Change the Progress tab to reflect sections in the project and custom fields of my choice
  2. Custom fields to apply to subtasks on the same project
    sneaking a 3rd - change the view of a project from list to board


  1. enhancement of the file section and how to find them instead of the current stacking lay out
  2. Presentation mood? Something that allows me to present the tasks while hiding some tags, comments, and custom fields that I choose?


Thanks for the tip on sorted by date of modification. Bummer they have to be assigned to you, adding modified by filter without “assigned to you” requirement is a great interim workaround.