Points budget for projects

Hi there,

We use a scrumban kind of system with the columns: backlog, waiting, todo, review, done and archive.

We use a point based budget per client. E.g. for client y we have a budget of 100 points. When the budget is exceeded the client needs to buy new points. When the client buys new points all completed tasks in the Done section/column the column/section Archived.

For points we use a custom (number) field.

Now to make things even more exiting. We have billable points and non billable points in projects. In the perfect world there would be a notification only when the budget of billable points is exceeded.

At the moment we add a task with a minus number of points in case of the example of 100 points: -100. We use advanced search to calculate the sum of the billable task points. When it becomes positive, the budget is exceeded. This is how we keep track of the budget.

Do you have any suggestions to make this easier?

And, as a project manager, I would like to receive a notification when the budget has almost been exceeded. What are the options in Asana?