Billing options for projects?

Hi people

Our team is working with Asana and it’s a great platform. But there is a feature that we think it could be great: some control over billing through the platform.

Perhaps it would be possible to include some aspects like if a project or task has been billed (100% or partially), and the date when it was billed. That would be very useful to have an overall view on projects and its economical progress.

Thanx a lot!

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I would suggest the use of custom fields for this one, do you have access to them (premium members) or are you familiar with them?

And perhaps using them in tandem with project milestones (Tasks that are in each project, used for tracking billing for said project). So you’d have a ‘billings’ project, all those various project milestones (from all projects) are in there for at-a-glance, quick calcs, etc.

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I need exactly this. I manage around 40 small projects. And I need a way of tracking which projects are billed up front, billed upon completion, billed partially up front, etc.

So, my understanding is I would create a “Billing” Project, and add each of my 40 projects as tasks, and use a custom field for each of my 40 projects (tasks) to indicate what type of billing they have? Is that right?

Thanks for the help!