Please make a Premium Solo Plan


+1 solo premium plan. No time-limited offers, no having to evangelize the software. I don’t have a team — I’m hired by teams, and they already have their own workflows in place. I don’t care what they use. Personally, I’d like to use Asana and have access to all of its premium features, share timelines and workflows with clients, etc. It’s not complicated. As the comment above has it, “Take my money please.”


Hello Asana’s Team !

It would be great to offer a plan for entrepreneurs !

I think we are at the best place to promote Asana. When I work with a client, I create a project for him and educate him on how to use it. Since they have a free account and they start to use it, they want to try it wth other people in their team.

We would like to offer a great experience to our clients so we need the premium features.

As a solopreneur, we team with each client !
Isn’t the “why” of the project ? To help people work with their team ?

Please consider our voices :slight_smile:


+1, please I’m more one solopreneur asking for a premium solo plan! please


Interesting that Asana is like - ohh if you’re solo, you can use our software free, and we’ll answer your support questions.

But if a solo or 2-person team wants to PAY use the premium features, which cost Asana +$0 in incremental costs, then we’re out of luck! I understand there are SaaS economics here, but c’mon we’re trying to give you money! I don’t need premium support if you don’t want to support me, just let me pay for those features!!


+1 I’ve been waiting on a premium plan for solopreneurs for over a year now, and I’m shocked there isn’t one still. Why are we being alienated? None of the other productivity apps I use have this sort of exclusion, and it’s so disappointing that Asana continues to ignore this issue.


PLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE Asana… I…WE are BEGGING YOU. I’m on my knees begging you BEGGING YOU to PLEASE make a premium version for one person. I cannot wrap my head around why this is an issue. I use Asana Premium for one of my businesses, but also have other businesses that I own/manage on my own that suffer without Premium features. THEN to top it all off, I am going back to college and would LOOOVE to use Asana…but nope… I’m going to be forced to go back to gulp Microsoft Onenote… yuck.


+1. At first, I thought this actually existed because when you click “upgrade” it takes you to a screen that says $9.99/month so I’m like “sweet” and then whoops, nope. 5 seats minimum. You are losing a lot of money. I would pay $10/month for this. I really want to use timelines and start dates. Please allow me to upgrade by myself.


+1 on this. I like Asana but need premium features. I’m going to try clickup


I am considering migrarion from ASANA, only because of this LIMITATION.


Yes, we realize this and that’s the exact reason we’re complaining.

I have a sincere question about this. It was mentioned to me by Asana support the last time I checked on this, that somehow signing up using Divisions might be a good route to go.

Has anyone tried this? Can you speak to the effectiveness of this? What’s the cost for this?

I have the same questions for setting up organizations instead of workspaces. Is the pricing any different for this?

I’m trying to find a way to make this work and scale with me as opposed to abandoning ship.


yes, I agree!


+1 - I would buy ASANA premium right away, just I’m a single professional and do not need 5 seats! Asana Team - “single seat” offer please!
Kind Regards


+1 for a solo premium plan. I love using Asana and have done so for several years, but now I’m on the cusp of leaving it for another tool. Why? I need start dates, custom fields, and dependencies. I’d buy solo premium so quickly right now. Instead, I’m going to have to move all my projects to a new service, learn it inside and out, and leave Asana behind. That’s unfortunate.


Well that’s cool. Been using Asana for a long time and I just went to upgrade, but I have to pay for 5 users up-front. I want to get this system set up independently before I scale more people into the company. Thanks Asana. Switching to Jira now :stuck_out_tongue:


+1 Same to me


+1 for premium solo plan


Really frustrating to see the price more then double for our whole account when we go from 15 users to 16 users. I feel like there was some bait and switch involved when you say it’s $9.99 per user. That’s bull crap… It’s a whole lot more since you force people to pay for users they don’t have. Makes me want to go find an honest company to do business with and take my $1,200 per year somewhere else. Sad!


This! I am the youngest & newest member of my organization. I’m not going through the fire yet for a program that I have not been able to test myself yet.


I really hope Asana doesn’t continue to hold out on offering a solo plan for much longer. I’m seeing more and more people switch to ClickUp, and more influencers recommending that switch, due to Asana limiting so many features for solopreneurs. I greatly prefer Asana’s UI to ClickUp’s, but Asana’s pricing structure and unresponsiveness to this issue are making me consider the switch as well.


Hi Asana. Thanks for all the great free stuff you guys offer. I’m in the same boat as so many others out there. My team is a max of 2, and I would LOVE to have premium options, but paying for 5 users is just not financially viable. Pretty please, listen to all of us - we’re so eager to spend our money with you, but have to keep our budgets lean, so splashing out for team members that simply don’t exist is just not an option. Here’s hoping…