Please make a Premium Solo Plan


This would be great!


It boggles my mind that something as simple as single-user licenses hasn’t been added yet… How often are businesses faced with such a “shut up and take my money” situation?


So many requests for simple feature. So many people are willing to pay for solo premium. Today they start as solo premium user, next month they can upgrade to bigger team. Asana, please implement this.


Just starting to use Asana. I wanted to go for the 30 days trial and see that I have to pay for 5 users to use the premium version. YES a Premium Solo Plan is necessary to start. I will come back when it will be available.


Agreed. I am beginning to evaluate other solutions (which I am willing to PAY for) simply because of the inability to purchase a single user license for Premium.


This is unbelievable. I pay for Asana at work, and then I want to use Asana for personal use at home with custom fields…and I have to pay 34.50 euro per month - which is way too much.

Let people pay per seat below 5 users. You would have so many more people on premium.


Adding my vote in.

This situation is a bit ridiculous isn’t it?

The official reply from Astana is nothing but PR mumbo-jumbo - it’s not transparent at all. The motivation behind this strategy remains baffling. Like others have said, this must be some dark Silicon Valley obscure “growth hacking” stuff.

Is $35 the minimum at which they think they can make money for some reason? But why? Or maybe there’s a healthy dose of single-users at $35 / mo and they don’t want to cannibalize that revenue? Seeing this thread and applying common sense this seems highly unlikely - no one in their right mind except maybe extremely successful independent workers would pay that kind of money for an app.

Just give me the app at $9.99 / mo, with limited support if necessary - I couldn’t care less if it took a week or two to solve a support ticket, in fact in all likelihood I will never even post one.

I just want the premium features, damn it!


Many well-written replies already. So I only have a sobbing emoji left to add :sob:


Adding another vote, and another voice.

I’ve been a long-time user of Toodledo for personal and (individual) professional task tracking. I pay $30/year for that. For various reasons I’m looking at alternatives, and Asana seemed ideal - but only with premium features. The apparent headline price of £4.99/month seemed reasonable (albeit quite a bit more than I pay at the moment), but when I realised that in reality it’s 5 times that? No way. I’m not interested in the free tier, as I want to use Timelines, so for me this makes Asana a non-starter and I won’t be switching.


One client that I work with uses Asana, so in order to communicate with them, I have to use Asana. For the most part I really dig it (with the exceptions of the awful repeat task options.)

I considered using Asana for my business and personal projects until I saw this ridiculous price plan. I’m a one-man team and the fact there isn’t a premium solo option seems like an argonaut, indifference on the part of Asana’s leaders. Because of that, I purposefully use and pay for other apps out of pure spite.