Please make a Premium Solo Plan


So frustrating that as a solo user, there are no options for premium features other than throwing away money for 4 extra users that do not exist. As a free user I don’t expect much, I want to PAY for the additional features like everyone else here, but paying for extra users will never use makes no sense. Charge $9.99 ideally or $14.99 if needed. And if someone needs 2 accounts or more than charge the minimum 5 but crazy for 1 person. Keeping people in the Asana system then will be more likely to upgrade to larger teams if their companies grow. This is the same reason I left Dropbox for Google Drive a long time ago and never looked back. I imagine many have done that with Asana already but hopefully they are considering a solution after all these years.


I was inspired by Asana, but this minimum 5 persons - is ridiculous for me as a free lancer.
I spent months looking for another, alternative tool. But they were too expensive or not so nice.


I use Asana at work, and I have found just so many ways I can use it to organize my own life and personnal projects.

I’d be totally interested an individual plan.