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@Marie - I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. And, yes, @Cathya - thank you for picking up in this energized community. It can be a crazy place in here. :wink:

For the record though, I would not classify this thread as being full of people who are patient. You are losing loads of customers who find your pricing model (NOT your price, just your pricing MODEL) to be really, extremely unfavorable to just about every customer. There isn’t a team in the world that I know of who appreciates stable, consistent pricing (i.e. pricing tiers) more than they appreciate a fair price (paying for the licenses they actually need).

Also, there is no small teams pricing on the business level accounts.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, most of the very anxious people on this thread, many of whom have since gone elsewhere, have said that they would be delighted to pay for a license that doesn’t include support just for the chance to have access to the features of each of these plans. So, for me, this translates to purely a profit decision for Asana (even though I think you’re losing quite a bit in the meantime from lost opportunities). You received $125 million (75 early 2018 and 50 late 2018) last year in investment, and this smells like a policy that won’t change because the investors say “no”. If you offered the ability to pay for licenses by seat, instead of by 5s and 10s, a huge swath of your free users would move to paid accounts and an even bigger portion of people would stop leaving Asana for other platforms.

@Marie - you provide excellent support on these forums. And, I know you are just the messenger and are “following up very closely”. But, I just need you to pass along that “following up closely” does not mean “listening”. Your community is screaming to be heard. They want to pay you. But, they are leaving in droves because your company policy is so irrational.

Look. I make most of my living as an Asana consultant. I need you to succeed so that I can succeed. I love many things about Asana. But, at times, many times, you’ve just become so customer unfriendly.

There’s a reason why this is your engagement growth graph:

And this is Clickup’s:

And, obviously, clickup’s traction is eons and lightyears behind you, but the trends do mean at least something. I sincerely hope that the pricing, the changes, and all the morphing Asana is going through can start to feel more friendly to customer needs (which don’t always mean cheaper – Asana free users WANT to pay you). :slight_smile:

@Marie - thank you again for your help. I truly appreciate all you do. Please know that I feel like I’m screaming to your team while being part of it. I’m not against you. I love and use Asana. My living is made on Asana consulting. But, I’m just advocating for something I hear in almost every single workshop I ever do. The Asana pricing model (the pricing MODEL, not the price) makes everyone upset… everywhere … except of course within Asana management.

For some context, my clients currently range from companies with 2 employees to companies with 340 employees. Hopefully that helps communicate the breadth and scope of my feedback. I know my long response won’t necessarily change anything, and that all you’re allowed to say is that you are following up closely and will share updates when you can.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on this thread with
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I appreciate your time and listening ear, @Marie. I hope you can help your team and your management to listen.

Many kudos to you for being the professional and gracious moderator that you are. Thank you for your patience with my passionate response.


I have been using asana for personal projects for the last 3 years. As well I have personally helped switch two small businesses, using more difficult software, to use asana for their entire workflow while I worked for the companies. I love asana and have been advocating for it for a long time.

I have been waiting for the ability to pay you up to $9.99 a month to access even just SOME of the features that have become a requirement to me in a task management program, but the option never came.

Yesterday I discovered Clickup, Yesterday I imported my most recent major project over there. And today is the day I no longer advocate for asana. Clickup has provided every major feature I wanted to be able to use from asana in their free model, and the moment I hit my storage limit I already plan on paying $60 for the year for myself.

Today is a sad day for me, honestly. I really loved asana and seeing it come so far with all of the new features it has rolled out over the last couple years. The web developer in me wants to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard to turn asana into a truly amazing web application. And I’m sorry that a business decision is the reason I have to make the change.


Very nice reem job, apparently. Let’s see how many years it’ll take to take your thoughts you compiled and apply to the life :smiley: I’m going to buy popcorn for the time being

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I wonder if it would be easier to introduce individual seats only between certain tiers (predominately under five users, but a lot of reviews also seem to want under 10 to allow for individual added seats). Personally, I use Asana with the nonprofit I help on the side, and they don’t need the premium features. But I’ve come to love Asana and really, really want to use it to track billing time and personally schedule my full-time job tasks. I used Tom’s Planner for years to make gantt charts for school assignments, but it didn’t have the flexibility I needed once I entered the workforce. I’ve been forced back to using paper and pencil to actually plan my schedule in the way I need to see it (I have aspergers so regular planners do not work for me). I feel like my hopes for getting control over my schedule are dashed every time I look at the sticker price for 5 seats and know how useful it would be if I could only afford that. I know that sounds dramatic, but I’ve tried everything and have yet to find a program that meets my needs. I think Asana could be the one. I hope that this functionality can be rolled out soon - even if it’s just for single business owners/students/people tracking their own personal tasks. A one-person tier would save so much of your customer base even if it takes longer to transition fully away from a tiered pricing model. Thanks for all the fabulous updates (like board layout!!) and I really hope to see this one in the near future!

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@Marie thanks for the update. So does this mean that Asana uses a tiered subscription model so that it can provide support sustainably?

Because if it is we would be happy to have limited support or perhaps even use the forum only for support on a single user model subscription (there’re 6 of us).


Hi @Christiaan_Briggs, this is one of the reason yes! And unfortunately, while we can advise in the Forum, we can’t always resolve issues due to privacy and security reasons, so some form of support is necessary for all customers :slight_smile:

What about to form a group of 5 and divide a premium plan?
Each one will create their workspaces and be happy.
What do you think about this?

You deserve an Oscar!

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