Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Very nice reem job, apparently. Let’s see how many years it’ll take to take your thoughts you compiled and apply to the life :smiley: I’m going to buy popcorn for the time being

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I wonder if it would be easier to introduce individual seats only between certain tiers (predominately under five users, but a lot of reviews also seem to want under 10 to allow for individual added seats). Personally, I use Asana with the nonprofit I help on the side, and they don’t need the premium features. But I’ve come to love Asana and really, really want to use it to track billing time and personally schedule my full-time job tasks. I used Tom’s Planner for years to make gantt charts for school assignments, but it didn’t have the flexibility I needed once I entered the workforce. I’ve been forced back to using paper and pencil to actually plan my schedule in the way I need to see it (I have aspergers so regular planners do not work for me). I feel like my hopes for getting control over my schedule are dashed every time I look at the sticker price for 5 seats and know how useful it would be if I could only afford that. I know that sounds dramatic, but I’ve tried everything and have yet to find a program that meets my needs. I think Asana could be the one. I hope that this functionality can be rolled out soon - even if it’s just for single business owners/students/people tracking their own personal tasks. A one-person tier would save so much of your customer base even if it takes longer to transition fully away from a tiered pricing model. Thanks for all the fabulous updates (like board layout!!) and I really hope to see this one in the near future!


@Marie thanks for the update. So does this mean that Asana uses a tiered subscription model so that it can provide support sustainably?

Because if it is we would be happy to have limited support or perhaps even use the forum only for support on a single user model subscription (there’re 6 of us).


Hi @Christiaan_Briggs, this is one of the reason yes! And unfortunately, while we can advise in the Forum, we can’t always resolve issues due to privacy and security reasons, so some form of support is necessary for all customers :slight_smile:

What about to form a group of 5 and divide a premium plan?
Each one will create their workspaces and be happy.
What do you think about this?

You deserve an Oscar!

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Beautifully put @Bry_ProjectKickstart but I suspect it will land on deaf ears :frowning:

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If the main problem for a 1 user premium plan is support, then a slow-ring version of your support system for users with 1 or less than 5 people would be great. You could bundle groups of 5 together (to make the minimum seats for support) and support them at 1/5 of the regular support turn around time. Asana has enough information in it to support itself (knowledge base, tutorials etc).

Imagine small businesses growing into your larger plans, rather than growing out of Asana free and onto alternative products.


how is there not a premium solo plan, insane.


i just want the timeline feature, i don’t need support or other things

No single user plan???

Same here. If single users could purchase add-ons for individual upgrade items (I just need timeline, but I can see how some people might want custom fields instead), that would solve a lot of why people are complaining about not having enough plan tiers. I understand the need to push people onto premium plans to be able to cover the costs of rolling out new items, and ‘shoulder’ some of that burden that’s not covered by free users. I understand that, and I am very very glad that there is a free option. But with your current model, you’re not pushing people onto premium plans, you’re pushing them away from Asana entirely.

Please, I really need the timeline function to stay on track of my tasks. Having that one, single feature alone would be worth $10/month to me. I cannot emphasize enough how necessary it is for my workload. But I simply cannot afford to pay $9/month * 5 users, and it leaves a bad taste to have to pay that much just to access one feature. Please find some sort of solution, and accessing individual elements of the premium version as ‘add-ons’ would be a simple way to retain single users that don’t need the other team-specific upgrades in premium (and won’t be generating support requests for those upgrades, which I know is a big factor about why this hasn’t been rolled out).


Premium is everything I need to visualize and track my workflow. But I’m not going to pay for five licenses to use it for my single person company. I was super excited about Asana, but there is no point in switching if I have to use the basic functionality only. :frowning:

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Come on Asana, whats the deal here?? So many interest, votes and such a long lasting and exhausting conversation! I don’t get it. Making no decision is mostly the worst decision.


To be honest, this is the kind of thing that makes me never want to use Asana again. It’s a bad corporate policy when you focus more on short term money and not on what the customer base is asking for.

I actually moved to Atlassian products about a year ago for a similar reason, came back and saw nothing has changed.

Does anyone recommend another platform that does a nice timeline GUI and doesn’t have greedy idiotic pricing plans?

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Thanks for the heads up. We’re building a really large company here but I have to start this stuff out on my own, and I’m ready to make the switch too. Clickup, it is.

Hopefully this becomes a story of how corporate greed leads to corporate destruction. Making the switch today and will forever talk about this story and what it says about corporate decisions and how companies should be managed. Clickup, it is

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I would hold on before making the switch. I recently helped a client to switch from Asana to Click Up and in the process also started testing out Clickup. Though there are a lot of functionality that you gain, it felt to me that I lost clarity. I regained that again in Asana. I’m glad that I spend the time working on Clickup, Bit to be honest, I would rather work around the limitations in Asana and keep the clarity and get things done than have a lot of features but after some time feel overwhelmed by the tool itself.


I had the same issue. I completely had moved to ClickUp but found it too busy.