Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Can you define near-future? Near-future is a relative concept and we’re being ask to give up our most precious non-renewable resource - time - while we wait for to ‘ship a solution…in the near future’. Yes, we have a choice, but Asana is by far the best product I have found, when it’s fully operational. However, the free version is quite limited, meaning I must look for alternatives, again. It’s a bitter disappointment.

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HI @Aitch, we don’t have a precise timeline to share at the moment, but we will make sure to update this thread as soon as we do! I’m aware this has been requested for a long times so rest ensured that I’m keeping a close eye on internal discussion on this topic!


To be clear, @Cathya, when you say…

…you are actually, indeed saying you’ll be addressing the pain point of small 1 or 2 person being forced into a 5-user plan, and then dramatically overpaying? Right? That is the pain point you will specifically be providing a solution for?

Not being negative. Just being direct. We appreciate all you do, and definitely are and have been eager for a long time for a solution to this pain point. Big financial challenge for tiny teams. Remember, if you help us succeed by providing a plan that fits us, we’ll start with and stick with Asana, our companies will grow, and we’ll end up being much larger customers. But, if small teams are forced to go elsewhere for premium or business features because the pricing is so out of reach, they’ll grow on other platforms and you will have lost the chance for long-term growth customers.

I love Asana. My clients love Asana. But, many have left for plans that better fit smaller teams, and I don’t want that to keep happening.

Thanks for being active and involved.