Please add task duplication shortcut (full dup, not just name)

As Asana is the lifeblood of our project management for our creative studio (team of 40), we have templated projects but REALLY need the shortcut to duplicate tasks once the project has been created from template. Please make a duplication shortcut that works for a single or multiple tasks selected … pretty please!

Hi @James_Stinson you can duplicate a task via this method.

Hope that helps.


Hi @James_Stinson and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

While we currently don’t have a shortcut to duplicate tasks, you can easily do it via the task menu as explained by @Jason_Woods above. On my end, I’ve made a task for our team to consider a shortcut in the future! Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!

Thanks Marie as a shortcut would just make the process much quicker+simpler for me. All about Asana efficiencies!