Please add task duplication shortcut (full dup, not just name)

As Asana is the lifeblood of our project management for our creative studio (team of 40), we have templated projects but REALLY need the shortcut to duplicate tasks once the project has been created from template. Please make a duplication shortcut that works for a single or multiple tasks selected … pretty please!

Hi @James_Stinson you can duplicate a task via this method.

Hope that helps.


Hi @James_Stinson and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

While we currently don’t have a shortcut to duplicate tasks, you can easily do it via the task menu as explained by @Jason_Woods above. On my end, I’ve made a task for our team to consider a shortcut in the future! Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us!

Thanks Marie as a shortcut would just make the process much quicker+simpler for me. All about Asana efficiencies!

Is it possible to have a keyboard shortcut for Duplicate Task? It’s quite laborious with the current drop down menu when, as a company, we do this quite a bit. Or is there another way to do it?

Looks like there is already a thread asking for this.

You might find assigning copies helpful, particularly if you’re having to duplicate more than once per task.

Additionally, I use a workaround described in this comment.


Hi @Ian8 and thanks for reaching out! We currently don’t have a shortcut to allow you to duplicate tasks but we already have a thread on this topic so I’ve gone ahead and merged your post with this existing topic to gather all feedback in one place! Make sure to click on the vote button at the top of this thread to casst your vote :slight_smile:

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I use “task rabbits” or in my case task minions (since I use the Minion avatar for them).

This works easier if you have a domain you own (I have one personally), but you could do it with gmail (yahoo, etc) too, it’s just harder. To be clear, this can’t be the same domain you use for Asana, otherwise they become members, and you need them to be guests.
So with my domain I can create any number of email addresses for it. Say my domain is, I can then create:

As an option, but it does help, you can create a team for these minions, I called mine “Task Minions.”

Now, you can use the “assign multiple copies” function to assign individual task minions, or to the whole team which will make copies for however many minions in that team.

So if I only need a couple of copies, I go to the assign copies function, and type “task1” “task2” and hit “assign copies.” Or if I know I need more, I may just assign the team “task minions” which will assign a copy to each user on that team. Then I just unassign them from the minions for future assignments.

Hopefully this makes sense… it is the quickest way I have found to do multiple copies, but it does require some setup.