Copy/Paste Task using "Ctrl/Cmd + C" and "Ctrl/Cmd + P" shortcuts


Am I missing something? When I press command-C and command-V, all I get is the copying of the title of the task. The actual task isn’t copied. I want a duplicate of the task. I know I can go through the menu, which pops up the “copy tasks” panel. But I can’t seem to get that to work via keyboard shortcuts. I’m using Chrome.

Also, is there a way to setup a default paste? So the panel doesn’t show up?

Duplicate Task with Shortcut Keys

Indeed copy-paste only copies the title, and only the menu allows a task duplication. Out of curiosity, you really do this often?

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We are still evaluating Asana, and I’m looking for workflows that will work for us. To me, having a straight-up duplicate would be invaluable. Because there are so many parameters that can be setup on each task, having the ability to duplicate and then just change the task name and maybe date would save a lot of time. And going through the menu and using the pop-up is kind of annoying. I would love to see a one-key duplicate and have it duplicate the task as-is. I can change what I need after that.

But since it doesn’t duplicate, I’ll probably need to find another solution.


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Hey Francesco, no there is not a way to keyboard-shortcut a duplicate task, nor are there ‘default’ copy states. I know why you would find that useful, so feel free to create something in #productfeedback - BUT

Just because you say you’re new, I’ll point you to assigning copies functionality - I use it a ton and most of the time it’s what I need to copy tasks for.


Thanks @Caisha! @Francesco_Alessi, just moved your post to the #productfeedback category, hope it’s ok!


I was trying to duplicate some tasks, and found out that the Copy/Past hotkeys were only for the title. And while I can use the Copy from the menu, it pops up a requester asking for copy parameters. Which is fine when I need it. But many times I just need a straight-up DUPLICATE. The task, as-is. I’ll change what I need after that.

More over, it would be really great, if I could set my own custom shortcuts using pre-defined duplicate parameters. Something like CMD-D = exact duplicate, CMD-F = duplicate using popup’s default settings (without actually popping up the requester menu), CMD-G duplicate without due date or assignee.

Something like that.