Copy/Paste Task using "Ctrl/Cmd + C" and "Ctrl/Cmd + P" shortcuts

Am I missing something? When I press command-C and command-V, all I get is the copying of the title of the task. The actual task isn’t copied. I want a duplicate of the task. I know I can go through the menu, which pops up the “copy tasks” panel. But I can’t seem to get that to work via keyboard shortcuts. I’m using Chrome.

Also, is there a way to setup a default paste? So the panel doesn’t show up?

Indeed copy-paste only copies the title, and only the menu allows a task duplication. Out of curiosity, you really do this often?

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We are still evaluating Asana, and I’m looking for workflows that will work for us. To me, having a straight-up duplicate would be invaluable. Because there are so many parameters that can be setup on each task, having the ability to duplicate and then just change the task name and maybe date would save a lot of time. And going through the menu and using the pop-up is kind of annoying. I would love to see a one-key duplicate and have it duplicate the task as-is. I can change what I need after that.

But since it doesn’t duplicate, I’ll probably need to find another solution.

Then I suggest you rename your post and move it to the “Product feedback” category :+1:

Hey Francesco, no there is not a way to keyboard-shortcut a duplicate task, nor are there ‘default’ copy states. I know why you would find that useful, so feel free to create something in #productfeedback - BUT

Just because you say you’re new, I’ll point you to assigning copies functionality - I use it a ton and most of the time it’s what I need to copy tasks for.

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Thanks @Caisha! @Francesco_Alessi, just moved your post to the #productfeedback category, hope it’s ok!

I was trying to duplicate some tasks, and found out that the Copy/Past hotkeys were only for the title. And while I can use the Copy from the menu, it pops up a requester asking for copy parameters. Which is fine when I need it. But many times I just need a straight-up DUPLICATE. The task, as-is. I’ll change what I need after that.

More over, it would be really great, if I could set my own custom shortcuts using pre-defined duplicate parameters. Something like CMD-D = exact duplicate, CMD-F = duplicate using popup’s default settings (without actually popping up the requester menu), CMD-G duplicate without due date or assignee.

Something like that.

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Having a duplicate task shortcut would be beneficial for our QA workflow. We’ve setup a task that serves as a template for the information that we require our clients to populate.

Instead of them having to click in the subtask of this template and duplicate it, it would be great if we could simply teach them the duplicate task shortcut and have them generate new tasks to modify from there.


Likewise, the solution from @Caisha could also work - if it was available on the task summary instead of only being available on the task detail.


Need a shortcut key (hotkey) for task duplication, or at the very least a dedicated button next to the filtering and sorting buttons.

This has been requested before (I couldn’t find the post), but it’s needed more now than ever because it seems like it takes more clicks to get the task details panel to open. Also, the ellipsis throws me off, as I keep thinking that’s the one with the task details options in it, but it only has “save layout as default.” So this creates a situation where I keep clicking on that assuming it’s the task options, but then realize it’s not, then have to click to open the task details pane, then click that ellipsis, then duplicate task.

Thank you for reaching out @Francesco_Alessi and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us!

I was able to find the thread you mentioned and I’ve merged your post with it to avoid duplications and to consolidate votes. I hope it’s Ok.

I completely understand how beneficial this shortcut would be for you and while I can’t promise if or when these functionalities will be added in the near future, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!

Have a great Tuesday Francesco!

Thanks Natalia, just an update as I have been using the updated interface for a few months now… I’m surprised more people aren’t requesting this ability/function. We create duplicates all the time and now I have to click on the task, then details to open the task pane, and then click on the ellipsis, then click on duplicate… it’s so many clicks to get this done now.


It’s 2020 and I was wondering if we’re looking into an actual solution, yet?
If you’re a management company, a consulting company, or any company with multiple clients, it’d be great to be able to duplicate a task 6 times very quickly and then change the things you need to change afterwards.


I’d like to add my voice to this request. I use this command multiple times a day, as I create ‘task templates’ for work coming in to the backlog to ensure we think about all steps. i also use asana to prep agendas for my 1:1 meetings with my team, and some questions are repeated every week, so having a keyboard shortcut that would copy the task in its entirety, including any custom fields, description, etc. would be so very helpful.

I honestly don’t know how this isn’t a feature yet. It is completely intuitive to think that you would want to create the same task, with the same description, etc. and assign it to many different people. ASANA get on it, this is a basic feature.

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And this should be a keyboard shortcut. Just assign a keyboard shortcut to the functionality that is already there through “more actions”. Doesn’t seem like a difficult update at all.

Drag & drop (copy) would be even better!! I can’t believe this isn’t an option

With ‘DUPLICATE’ being one of the primary menu options, a hotkey to save time right-clicking then selecting that option would be a huge time saver in duplicating template tasks with many subtasks/fields underneath. @Natalia any updates on when something like this could be implemented? I’m hoping to bring some processes over to Asana and this would be such a helpful feature

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It’s almost 2022 and this feature still hasn’t been added? I duplicate parent tasks with subtasks all the time and it’s a time suck to not have a dedicated shortcut or the very least not have to click into the task and then hit duplicate. I love Asana, but I don’t feel like they are listening to us when it comes to new product features that would greatly improve the software and user experience.

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This feature would be useful for me too, especially in the timeline view!