Copy/Pasting notes in Sub Task

If I set up a subtask and add notes into the Description box, it does not copy over when I use Ctrl C. I set up projects with identified scope for that particular task, but there are multiple assigned staff that perform various tasks within the scope. Easier to copy and paste and just change the task name assignment. Would save a lot of time if this came over in the copy function.

Edit - I am referring to Ctrl C on the Sub task level as a whole, not just copying notes only.

@Kristie_Howze - Are you referring to when you highlight multiple subtasks and you use CNTRL + C to copy them all? Or are you referring to highlighting a subtask title and using CNTRL + C to copy that one task name?

If you want to duplicate a task, you need to right click and use the “Duplicate Task” feature. That will copy all the notes in the description and everything else about the task. You can then move it elsewhere.

Does that solve what you are needing?

I am referring to using the Ctrl +C to copy the whole Subtask. I am able to use this function to just paste in new field using Ctrl+V, but it doesn’t pull in the notes adding to the Description field. Would be quicker than using the Duplicate Task feature.

@Kristie_Howze - Unfortunately, using Cntrl + C to copy a whole subtask isn’t supported. If you are interested in requesting that feature, you can add your request to Product Feedback - Asana Forum and then and others can vote for it.

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Thank you for the view and response. Maybe I will follow the suggestion and add to Product feedback.


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