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Hello Asana Community,

We are rolling out new processes to support with long workload capacity planning.
Essentially we have a project mapped out, and we are assigning the tasks for the entire multi-month project.

However, some of those future tasks are “not” yet actionable.
So, even if we assign a developer to start coding something, they cannot do that until mockups are approved, as an example.

We want to assign that task in advance to properly balance and anticipate any workload bottlenecks.

The problem we are running into is that all these “planned” tasks (which cannot be actioned yet) are cluttering up everyone’s “My Tasks” page. Even though they are all planned with future dates, it’s adding a ton of new entries and it makes it hard to easily see what is merely planned versus a task that is actionable.

We had tried to use a custom field to flag this, however, the My Tasks page does not appear to support adding a custom field to the screen. Of course, you can go into every task, but with a ton of tasks, that is not efficient at all.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to how we can assign future tasks but make them easily viewable on the My Tasks page so people at a quick glance can see what is ready for action and what is only planned?

We could put “[planned]” in every task name, but that doesn’t seem overly elegant.

Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!


I feel your pain!

I recommend either:

  1. Making these tasks dependent on incomplete tasks,
  2. Using a tag like Hold or Planned and making sure all show the Tags column in their My Tasks, or
  3. Creating a fake Assignee and assigning all these tasks to that “person.”

Hope one of those helps,



Thanks for the reply, Larry.

I’m glad you feel my pain… at least that validates we weren’t missing something obvious. :grinning:

If we create all the tasks as “dependent tasks”, and the task before it is “incomplete”, would it still show up on the “My Tasks” page anyway? And, would it still allow us to see the capacity when looking at workload? We can totally make every task dependent, but I wasn’t sure if that would address the clutter on the My Tasks page.

Creating tags is currently our front-runner idea. However, the act of continually adding tags and then removing tags feels like a heavy manual burden. I was hoping that maybe there would be a more elegant solution… but, this may totally be the only move until Asana enhances the My Tasks page. Even if it showed custom fields that would be so much better.

We did think about the “fake person” approach, too. But then when we look at workload capacity, each person is doubled, and we kind of have to manually add together the real and fake tasks to get a sense of true capacity… which seemed like a heavy challenge.

Thanks again for your insights!

Yes to My Tasks, and I think yes to Workload but you should test (I don’t use Workload much).

I feel a condition to using Asana well is for all in the workgroup to agree to manage their My Tasks. In this case, you would warn them of the dump of tasks coming and recommend they all are moved to Later (I keep Later collapsed and never open it). Auto-task promotion will move them to Upcoming or Today, or move them as a batch when ready.

My Tasks is changing soon but the above approach is the same, it will just be addressed differently.

Given that you’re trying to use Workload (I didn’t realize that’s what you were trying to use for capacity planning) the fake person alternative is less attractive as you mention. I’m not sure Workload is the best approach for what you’re trying to do, but that’s beyond the scope of a reply here.

I failed to mention the alternative of marking the tasks complete which gets them out of My Tasks (which is filtered for incomplete generally) which would be attractive to you, but likely cause problems with Workload (but not some other way to do capacity planning).

Hope this helps,


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