Template tasks and subtasks on the "My tasks" page


I’m kinda new to Asana but I “played” a lot with it with my assistant.
We created a bunch of template tasks, and we are using a lot of subtasks too (see image below)!!
It’s all good, easy to copy, makes our life more organized.

The problem is on the “My tasks” page.

It’s super overwhelmed because I see ALL the template tasks and subtasks too. Is there a way to hide these from the “My tasks”?

If the answer is no, I found a workaround. Kinda.
If I go to the “My tasks” I can clock to “Change view” and “Due date”. In this case, I can see the recent tasks on the top. It’s not the best solution because the template tasks are there too but it’s a better way to work.
The problem is that I have click to the “Change view” and “Due date” every time which is inefficient.

So do you know a better way?


@Attila_Nagy, It looks like you’re not using “Mark For.” The common recommendation is to get template tasks more out of your way by marking them for Later rather than changing Due Date. See:

Hope that helps.