My Tasks view - add a new category of Pending or Waiting on



The default categories are Today / Upcoming / Later & New Tasks. Why not be able to create a section for ourselves which is - Pending - or Waiting on. This is for the several items / decision from different projects.
So 2 ideas come to mind - not sure which one or even if both are feasible:

  1. Have the ability to create our own category under My Task
  2. Have ASANA add a Pending Category to My Task - which I presume is the easiest options
    The feature where you can mark tasks waiting on another tasks - perhaps this category would bring all of those Waiting On tasks to the front view if they were assigned to me - this could even make the My Task view even more true to what needs to be done or action-ed.

Task Dependencies - the missing piece

I think many roads lead back to sorting. Add the ability to sort by tag or custom field and a primary and secondary sort. Also make sure every field is in the Advanced Search such as “waiting on”


I address this problem by adding dedicated sections “Not started” and “Pending” in the Upcoming category. I have to manually move the tasks around, but it’s not too much labor. Adding a new category “Pending” or “Waiting on” and automatically moving the task into or out of that section sounds a good idea, but I think Pending tasks might belong to different categories in New/Upcoming/Later a the same time and it might add unnecessary complexity.


One thing we have to note when creating a section in My Tasks list is that by default the section is “private to me” and invisible to other users.
So, in my team we create a project named “Sections” and add all those sections to that project. Then we can see each other’s sections and can move a task into that section.


May I’m coming too late.

But I really missing this category too. I’m trying to apply GTD principles with Asana and my tasks is for me the perfect place to make my weekly review.

I’m not expecting to have on this category the tasks with a Waiting on link to another task. I’m just want to manually put a task on this category cause I’m waiting for raining outside, waiting for my vacation. waiting for the call of Ms Y that promise to call me back, …

It will be georgious to have this option just for personal work organisation.

Thanks RashadIssa, I’m feeling not alone :wink:


Can categories Today / Upcoming / Later & New Tasks be castomizable?
My new tasks with a deadline of 2w+ would be hidden in Upcoming or Later category :persevere:
and somehow a whole block of my old tasks that I still need to keep were trapped in Upcoming. Sure, I can move them up but…
Personally I need only 3 categories: New, Sorted, Pending.


Maybe you can already do this, but why can’t I add categories to the tasks in “My tasks?” It seems like a great idea because so things are necessarily related to a project, but they are still for a client and we want to be able to capture them for reporting purposes.

If there is already a way to add categories, could someone let me know? If not, could this feature be added?


For us a Pending / Waiting on / Backlog section in My Tasks view could be useful. Sometimes we do not want to change original due date, just to be aware that the task is overdu, we do not want to move it to Upcoming, because it will never move up to Today and clutter the list. If we could somehowe set apart such tasks would be helpful.