Planned Value in time vs Current % Completion

How can I obtain the Planned % value of the project in time? Normally in MS Project I used to calculate the Planned Value based in the timeline and then compare to the Current % Completion and show graphically if we are on track or behind schedule.

This is becoming critical as team members have the ability to change due dates without restriction in ASANA and I need to keep the original Planned % Value per each week along the project to see if we have diverted from the original timeline to the current one.

Hi @Guillermo_Cordero , welcome to the forum :wave:

If you want to capture a baseline and later compare it to the current status of the project, a really good 3rd party app is Instagantt (no affiliation) which is fairly similar to MS Project.

You can try it for free for up to 3 projects in your Asana, which it fully syncs with.