Ability to take a snapshot of the timeline to establish a baseline of the project

It would be great to be able to establish a baseline of the project timeline so you can track your actual progress against the “scheduled” timeline.

The baseline feature from Instagantt (integrated partner for Asana?).

Welcome to the Forum and thanks for sharing this idea with us @Danny_Tae_Hoon_Lee, we will definitely evaluate this option for future improvements!


I wish for this every week. It’s a key part of managing stakeholder expectation and reporting results about a project.

+1. My org uses InstaGantt and one requirement for reporting is to track against a Baseline. This feature is essential to a Gantt, and really the only major missing feature for my company’s needs.

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Is this something that is being considered at all? Having to report to compliance committees and the information they need really relies on baseline reporting on moved projects and at task level.

Or is there an add on that we can look at?

Hello, I am evaluating the Business version of this product being able to provide what is needed to ‘manage’ projects. Baselining is, of course, critical to managing projects. I could not find how to baseline and being new to Asana, After researching using Google, I’ve come to understand baseline capability is not native to Asana, that I must go with Instagantt for addition cost. My primary question is whether or not I can reasonably expect this basic PM feature to be implemented anytime soon? Or, where might I find “Features for next version” roadmap for Asana. Thank you. Laura