Timeline on-time tracking

I am looking for a way to track our on-time completion of a project timeline. We typically have due dates pushed back due to vendors, internal set backs, etc. Is there a way to review at the end of a project what the original due dates were for the project tasks vs the actual completion dates of the tasks? Thank you


Hi @Alec_Buccanero , welcome to the forum :wave:
It is not currently possible to natively do this within Asana, i.e. to basically compare actual completion dates against the ‘baseline’ of the original due dates.

However you may want to look at Instagantt (no affiliation) by @danielguajardok which is a fantastic 3rd party plugin which can indicate the actual completion date against the original due date within a Gantt chart , it can capture baselines, as well as can provide an overall line chart as per below.

I think you can try it for free for up to 3 Asana projects (and connecting to Asana is a piece of cake).


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