Base line on ASANA


I would like to have a “Base Line” in asana projects to notice and reports changes in it. Any idea for this?


Hi @PedroPablo_Leon - Could you please elaborate on what you mean by base line? If you’re able to describe what you’re looking for in more detail, then we’ll be happy to help!


I would like to have a way to compare the original program of the project and the process of it, visualy see delays, when it change people responsabilities, statues, due date changes, etc…


Instagantt has this – very helpful, esp. when rescheduling tasks.


Thanks for clarifying, Pedro! Asana’s new Timeline features is great for this, as well :slight_smile:

Other options include Dashboards and saved Advanced Search reports.


Hi Pedro,

Moreover, every task has a history where you can see who changed what when, e.g. what you wanted like due dates and assignees.