Tracking project delay


I would like to track any delays in end date for my projects. Which means that if the general start & end date of a project shift, I would like to register by how many days. How would this be possible to track in Asana? Would it be possible to lock a column so that I can have project managers put in their initial estimated end date (a baseline of some sort) and then a forecasted one that they can modify as they go?

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Hi Fabienne,
Inside the final task in the project you would be able to see the traceability of how it has moved out. Some clients of mine often have a section showing the initial timescales and then can see the difference between.

Hi @Fabienne_Van_Mierloo

You can do this using Portfolios. You can’t lock the column, but in Portfolios you can add a project start/end date that isn’t affected by making changes in the project itself. Then, when you look at the project in a the Portfolio’s timeline view you will see the baseline with the milestones. Once the milestones shift because of the project due dates you will see the difference.