Pinning Asana in Outlook

How do you go about pinning Asana add-in in outlook? I’m trying to integrate Asana into my workflow but I’ve found I don’t do a good job assigning tasks and I’m still scribbling on paper. In practice the add-in not being open by default means I forget to use it. Is there a way to pin Asana open?

Hello @Carl_Upchurch

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Unfortunately, you do not have an option to pin the add-in in Outlook. I personally believe the Outlook add-in needs some additional development.

In my opinion, a much more frictionless way to convert an email into a task is to forward that email to You can also save that address to your contacts, so you don’t have to remember it. I often do that because it is faster and then do the work in Asana (assign a project, due date etc. etc.).

Here you can find the details of how this works.

I use the add-in only when I need that email to be a comment on a task, but even in those cases, I often would rather take a screenshot or copy/paste the content and add it to the relevant task, in rare cases the plugin is more effective.