Keep Asana add-in opened for every new email in Outlook desktop version

When in desktop version of outlook NOT the web version, I click on an email and then to create a task in Asana from this email I have to click open Asana Add-in from the home ribbon in desktop Outlook. Then when I click on a new email the Asana add-in closes.

It would be useful if the Asana Add-in could stay open so users don’t have to click back to the home ribbon and power up the Add-in for every new email they wish to set a task for.

This issue has been brought up multiple times in the community. It keeps getting closed. I believe the developers assume we are talking about the web version when the issue is at the desktop version of outlook.

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us, @Ismail1! I’ve gone ahead and updated the title so it includes more details about your request. We don’t have immediate plans to implement this option but we will keep you posted if we have any news in the future!

Thank you Emily. The title looks much better :slight_smile:

It’s unfortunate that Asana does not plan to implement this feature. I hope the enhancement will be considered for future versions since this issue has been documented multiple times.

I agree and up-voted. I’m tired of having to re-open and authenticate the outlook plug in every session.