Pinned Files / Favorites

Is there a way to favorite or pin a file once it has been added to a project so that it is in display on the progress section or in the main project view at all times. I am looking for a way to better organize files once they have been added for relevant use.

Any insight here would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the Forum @Jules_Mrsic and thank you very much for reaching out :wave:

As it stands, it is no possible to pin a file when added to a Project.

One workaround could be to create a READ ME FIRST task (where you can attach your relevant file) and put it at the top of the project with a bright tag. Here’s an example:

I hope this helps! Have a great Tuesday!

Yes, that is already an option, thank you. I am looking for a more sophisticated solution for organizing projects with a large number of files, the file section has no filter nor a favorite or pin feature. Redundantly adding a duplicate file to a task seems like a hack. A pinned file system would help my team greatly! Allowing us to add files as needed but interchangeably highlight files of importance during stages of a project. ROUGH Screenshot example here --> asana|690x328