Is it possible to organize projects beyond "Favorites" and Recently Used?

I’m a new user and before I commit to Asana, I want to be sure there is a way to organize my projects and see them visually beyond Favorites and Recently Used on the Home dashboard. I’m using something based on the Getting Thing Done philosophy, and I want to be able to add information and tasks to all my projects when needed, but list “current projects” only when I need to focus.

I envision this on the dashboard/home page, much like Favorites. I’d like to be able to create custom sections such as:

  • Current Projects
  • Waiting For/In Progress
  • Next In Line

Etc. It doesn’t have to be on “Home,” but I do want the option to see all my projects at once or limit to just “Current.” Thank you!

Hi @Jennifer_Greb, welcome to the Community Forum!

You can drag-and-drop projects or Favorites into the order you prefer. To be able to create sections in your Favorite bar, you can create a fake project called “------Current Projects------” and mark it as favorite. This project will appear in your favorites and you will be able to move projects under this section to separate from the others.

You can also find some tips in this thread: Question on overall organizing

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you! I will try the fake projects, and explore the other thread you recommended!

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