Attachments within a Project



We have a .pdf that we would like to attach to a Project as kind of a “Read First” type document before people see the tasks on the project etc. If I upload it into “Files” tab at the top, it will likely get lost in the library of files that are there from individual tasks. How can I have a “pinned” attachment so to speak for the overall project?


@Jacqueline_Fell - I don’t think you can pin documents or tasks but perhaps the simplest way might be to add a ‘READ ME FIRST’ task at the beginning of a project and attach your document to it. If you set it up using all caps or if you do something like **** READ ME FIRST **** it will stand out. Alternatively consider adding a tag or custom field that makes the task stand out. Depending on your organisation you might also consider using an emoji (we can do that now!)


Here at Asana, we do exactly what Ruth mentioned! When we have a task that we want people to read first (usually in a requests project), we put it at the top of the project in all caps with a bright tag. Here’s an example: