Attachments within a Project

We have a .pdf that we would like to attach to a Project as kind of a “Read First” type document before people see the tasks on the project etc. If I upload it into “Files” tab at the top, it will likely get lost in the library of files that are there from individual tasks. How can I have a “pinned” attachment so to speak for the overall project?

@Jacqueline_Fell - I don’t think you can pin documents or tasks but perhaps the simplest way might be to add a ‘READ ME FIRST’ task at the beginning of a project and attach your document to it. If you set it up using all caps or if you do something like **** READ ME FIRST **** it will stand out. Alternatively consider adding a tag or custom field that makes the task stand out. Depending on your organisation you might also consider using an emoji (we can do that now!)

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Here at Asana, we do exactly what Ruth mentioned! When we have a task that we want people to read first (usually in a requests project), we put it at the top of the project in all caps with a bright tag. Here’s an example:

Would be great if a hack (misusing the concept of a completable task) weren’t required to have this functionality. Are there any plans to add specific support for pinning items to a project “announcement” page? This would be so helpful for pinning reference docs, flyers, ideas, etc!