Adding quick to read details.

Hi, I may be missing something obvious (apologies if that is the case) within each separate project i want to have referenceable text (ideally connected to a form submission), nothing needs to be actioned with it just there so our operators can see the specifics of that project, however apart from tucked away in the project details or to add them as individual tasks, i can’t see a better alternative.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @Kyle_Sleep, welcome to Asana Forum,
I see three ways to do this:

  1. as special section for example “INFO” or “Read me” with tasks without assignees
  2. as project status - you can name it as “INFO” or “Read me” as well
  3. as project conversation

This three options creates posts which are accesible by “@” mention so it is very comfortable.
You can also put your description to project description as well but I thing it is little bit to much hidden.

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Personally I used tasks at the top of the project with appropriate emojis like :information_source: