Personal Project 'Home' workspace won't let me use templates

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I’ve had Asana from a while but stopped using it. I’ve now gone back to using it but the templates I see in my work workspaces I’ve just created are not coming up as an option in my Personal projects workspace. How can I fix this? I very much want to use a grant tracker template in my personal project but it only gives me list, board and calendar views and not all the other templates.

Hello Olivia and welcome to the forum :wave:,

When you select a new project in your personal workspace do you have an option on the right hand side, such as the one below (see red arrow)?

There is a default to the Marketing templates, but you can switch it to ‘ALL’. You should see the Grant Tracking template then.

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@oliviacrellin, I can’t find it in the Asana Guide, but I don’t believe Personal Projects support templates so you’d have to use a regular Workspace or Organization. In addition, I though I recall Personal Projects is being deprecated and is lacking in some other features. If you want to copy from one location to another may help.

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Hi guys - thanks so much both. Larry - I think that’s what I’m coming up against. If I copy a template from another workspace to my personal projects’ area will the template move across?

@oliviacrellin, There’s no template feature in Personal Project so if you’re sticking with Personal Projects, that’s a simple template to copy yourself; just four tasks (though subtasks). Ignoring the custom fields because those don’t apply for free accounts. I haven’t tested this but I’ve done similar before:

Do these steps one time only:

  • Create a new empty project: Grant Tracking Master
  • In another browser tab/window, go to another workspace, create a project (say “GT”) that’s an instance of the Grant Tracking template
  • Click the first of the four tasks; shift-click the last of the four tasks; do Ctrl-C to copy
  • Return to first tab with Grant Tracking Master; click in a new task in the tasks pane and do Ctrl-V to past the four copied tasks
  • Repeat the above three times but for the subtasks that three of the template tasks have
  • Now you have a copy of the template in Personal Projects

Each time you want to make a new instance of the Grant Tracking Master, do this:

  • Click the down arrow next to the project name in the header and choose Duplicate
  • Set the name and the checkboxes to include subtasks, etc. and click Create New Project

Hope that works out!


You should really stay away from Personal Projects