Move a template to another project?

I just spent a good amount of time creating a template and of course we decided that we wanted the tasks that the template would be creating on a different board. Is there an easy way to move a template to a different board so I don’t have to recreate it from scratch?

Hi @Kelley3,

I’m assuming when you say “board” you mean “team”?

In any case, you can’t move or duplicate a template directly, but you can create a project from that template, move the project where you want it (if you do want it in another team), then save that project as a template.


Sorry, I meant project. So I created a template task on one project and am hoping to just duplicate it on another project, but don’t see an easy way to do it.

It appears I could apply similar logic and create a task with the template on the old project, add it to the new one and make that task a template. Thanks!

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Oh, sorry, @Kelley3 - there are two kinds of templates in Asana - task templates and project templates - you were talking about task templates and I incorrectly thought of and replied in terms of project templates. But yes, the same solution applies, as you figured out!

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