People workload is still shown in portfolio even if they are deleted from portfolio

Our team reorganized and some people joined other team.
Their “lanes” are still visible in portfolio even if they are not members of the portfolio or projects that are presented in portfolio.
Is it possible to change that? (I want to only see current team members’ workload)

Hi @Aleksandra_B , welcome to the forum :wave:

A Portfolio’s Workload tab will show all the people that have tasks within the projects that are added within the portfolio. In particular, those tasks will also require a due date in order to show up on Workload.

Even if you remove the members from the Portfolio or the Projects, they will still show in the Workload tab, as long as they are assigned tasks (with due dates) that are in projects of the Portfolio.

So to remove these members from showing in Workload you would need to unassign them from tasks in the Portfolio’s projects.

But if that doesn’t work for you, you could simply filter them out by clicking on the ‘Show: all’ button in the top right area. Then use the save button on the far right to retain your choices.

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Thank you very much!
I have tried filtering and saving layout as default but through the arrow next to the portfolio name and it did not work. But your solutions works :slight_smile:
(I prefer not to unassign people from tasks since we might still need that info)

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Glad that worked for you, @Aleksandra_B !
But yes, if you want your Portfolio to open to the list view by default again, you will need to go back to List view and Save layout either from the dropdown action menu that you mentioned (next to the portfolio name) or via the ... button on the far right of the List view.