People can't see my tag in the description?

Hi all,
I’ve had a couple of occasions when I tagged someone in description, they became a collaborator, but they later told me this didn’t appear in their inbox so they were never notified about it. Their inboxes are not filtered. Attaching a screen showing I’ve tagged them, and they’re in collab. Am I doing something wrong?

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Hello @Sofia
I’ve just tested and it should works like you want. When you tag someone, he will receive notification (to inbox) that you made him collaborators of task. There is no description included (in this notification), user have to click it to see all details. I suggest to try do one more test with someone, and if it doesn’t work reach support.

You can contact Support team by following these steps: How to contact our Support Team :email:


One thing to note @Sofia
If you @mention a user in the description of a task, they’ll get a notification, but it’s a generic notification and they are added as a collaborator, but it’s not an @mention notification.

However, if you @mention them in the comments, it shows up as an @mention notification, which shows the context and shows up in their filtered list of @mention notifications (which also, depending on their notification settings, might trigger an email, a mobile alert, or a browser alert). So, if you really want to ensure they see something, use the @mention in the comments instead of or in addition to using it in the description.

Not sure why Asana does that. Seems to me an @mention should be the same no matter where you put it, but that’s what’s happening.


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