PCI & IT Assessments in Asana

Hello Asana Community!

I work as a Security Analyst at a Fortune 500 company and our team is always looking to make our processes more efficient. Right now we are using Asana as an internal task tracker for our team. I have been looking around, but haven’t found anything, to see if other IT Security and Compliance teams are using Asana to keep track of their assessments and evidence gathering.

I would like to see how Projects and Tasks are organized, how Asana automation is used, and see how the overall productivity of the assessments have increased by using Asana. Any suggestions or reading information would be incredibly helpful!


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Hi @Noah_Stahl, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

We have use cases for different departments in this article:

I’m curious to see if other customers in the forum have more use cases to share here! :slight_smile:

Hi Emily! I have read through all of these religiously to give us some ideas! I would still like to see if anyone else in the community have some other use cases as well. I would love to work with Asana to maybe get an Auditing and Assessment use case in there. I think a lot of auditing teams could really get a lot out of using Asana.

Thanks for your feedback @Noah_Stahl! I’ve shared it with our content team so we can consider adding this use case to Ways to use Asana articles in the future.

Adding the Asana Forum Leaders here in case they have tips to share with you! :slight_smile:

@Jason_Woods, @Jerod_Hillard, @Bernie_Orelup, @Rashad_Issa, @Phil_Seeman, @Julien_RENAUD, @lpb, @Kenichi, @Bastien_Siebman, @leonarce, @Paul_Grobler, @Charlie_Pilch, @Matt_Dickinson, @ShunS, @Christine_Bolton

Thanks folks!

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Hello @Noah_Stahl,

Can you please share some more details? What is the main issue with the productivity of assessments and audits you are looking to solve and perhaps I can provide some ideas.




I’ve worked with clients on audits/assessments/info gathering/comparison workflows using Asana (at Basic, Premium, or Business plans) and optionally with Asana2Go (disclaimer: I’m the creator) which offers a way to see side-by-side assessments if desired.

But I’m afraid this is client-specific and not something I generally share in this Forum. Feel free to contact me (or another Certified Pro) if you’re interested in pursuing this further in that manner.



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Awesome, thanks!

Hi Larry, thanks for posting! I would definitely be interested to see how you implement Asana with those clients. I think we have a pretty good setup currently, but I’m always looking for ways to improve our processes and efficiency.

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Hi Rashad!

I believe we already have a pretty solid plan with Asana, but I would like to see if there is anything we can improve upon to make the integration better. You don’t know what you don’t know, so by seeing how some other similar teams are using Asana I can see if there is something we might be missing.