PC Desktop App doesn't show scroll bars when maximized on Board View

I’m missing horizontal + vertical scroll bars in full screen. The problem seems to have gotten worse in the last month. hard to work this way


No scroll bars, even when I move my mouse there. And there is no second Screen to the right.

Is there a way to escalate this at all? Earliest mention of this issue was in September of 2023 and there’s still no traction on this. It may be a small bug, but it’s incredibly inconvenient.

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Hi @Thomas44, apologies for the trouble. This case is still with our Engineers, and it turned out to be more complex than we thought and it’s taking longer than we expected to be fixed, but you can rest assured that we are actively working to find a permanent solution as soon as possible. Although we don’t have any updates to share at the moment, we will promptly notify everyone here in the forum as soon as there are any developments.

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At the risk of repeating myself, the bug only seems to affect versions without tabs. Can’t the development department compare the software changes between these two versions? Alternatively, you can also roll out the tabs version to everyone… finally :roll_eyes:


Any news? You get pushed to use the App but without the scrollbar at the bottom it is really annoying and slowing the work flow down

Hi everyone, apologies for the delay. Our Developers are currently working on the roll out of our new Desktop app version that should resolve this issue. The full roll out will happen soon, but we are not able to confirm a date just yet. As soon as we have a clear ETA we will share this information here in the Forum.


I’m posting this reply so that the topic doesn’t close automatically, and we can keep track of this bug.

Also, to keep proof of the outstanding inefficiency of the Asana development teams on this issue, which has been waiting to be resolved for more than seven months now.


I switched back to the app in the browser. Fortunately, Asana web app doesn’t prevent scrollbars :stuck_out_tongue:

This is amazing how a simple, very low-level functionality, can be that hard to fix.

Maybe, as I said few months ago, they had to rewrite the whole shenanigan!

Eagearly looking forward a fix so I can use that app, hahaha :joy:

Hello, is there an updated ETA when this will be fixed? I am hoping to see this bug fixed with the next update.

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I was so excited to see a new version of the desktop app come out, I was sure they would have fixed this problem… but nope, here we still are. Come on folks!!

Hi @EJ_Mann, sorry for the inconvenience. I can confirm that the new version has been released, however, this was aimed to resolve some other smaller issues with the previous version. Our Developers are currently monitoring some logs and will be launching Desktop Tabs in the next few days, if everything goes well. The Desktop Tabs should resolve the issue with scrollbar.

We appreciate your understanding. As soon as this is fully launched I’ll inform everyone here.


Good to know, thanks Vanessa!