Asana Desktop App Ideas

I really like the updates that have been made to the Asana desktop app. Two things I wish were available:

  1. When you maximize the screen you can’t scroll. Instead of maximizing I make the minimized version bigger on my screen so I can use the scroll, but this is a pain to do every time.
  2. Instead of opening a new window in the desktop app I wish you could open a tab and have multiple tabs showing like a desktop browser.

Thank you for allowing us to provide feedback. I love Asana :slight_smile:

Hi @Mara_Schmidt and welcome to the forum!

Does this thread/bug report below represent your issue here, or yours is different?

FYI multiple tabs in the desktop app is currently in the midst of an A/B test (so half of desktop users have it, half don’t); hopefully the test will be successful and it will get rolled out to everyone. :crossed_fingers: