PC Desktop App doesn't show scroll bars when maximized on Board View


I temporarily created a solution for the scrooll problem in full screen mode.

Horizontal ScroollBar Issue in Asana Full Screen Mode - Temporary Solution

New Asana user here. The issue with the Windows app not showing the horizontal scroll bar when maximized has been bothering me, especially as I am constantly moving between my laptop and various drop in spaces at work, which means I have to manually resize the app each time to both fit the screen and show the scrolling bar. I would like to add my voice to the many here who would love to see a fix for this and I am replying so that this topic thread does not close until a fix has been identified.

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Is there still no solution to this scroll capability ?

This is getting ridiculous. The Asana development team is aware of this major issue interfering with the basic daily usage of the app for FIVE WHOLE MONTHS (minimum, on this specific topic) and nothing has been made to address this problem.

At that point, just shutdown the application and tell users to use the web version…

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Agree - this shows really poor customer support. Asana need to share a clear tineline for when they will address this issue and role out an upgrade. And proactively provide weekly updates on progress and timeline.
And to think we just invested thousands of pounds in this tool!

This is how I have been doing it for a few months now - but when moving between screens, it sometimes resets and it is just an annoyance. It is the best solution I have to this problem that seems like it should have been fixed after almost 5 months.

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this has been an issue since 5 months, and still no update from asana about the timeline.

I am also facing the same issue. And I downloaded Asana Desktop app only a few weeks ago. Also, I am unable to resize the window so the bottom Horizontal scroll bar is hidden.

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Still coming back to see if there is any fix anytime soon.

+1 on that issue again :wink:


Just chiming in here that I’m also seeing this. I just started using Asana at a new job (having used and loved ClickUp at a previous job) and the inability to scroll to see all my lists is pretty annoying.

The point is that maximizing the screen is not correctly adjusted and the area used for scrolling bar is outside of the screen (in the right and bottom side). This is the reason why the closing button and “Invite and Help” buttons on the lower side appear displaced on the screen (as can be seen in image without maximizing).


I have several users on Windows 11 Pro 22H2 and Asana v2.1.2 who are all experiencing the same issues, with their right-side scroll bar and the bottom of the window both being cut off when Asana is maximized.

I’ll add that it’s happening in all views for us, not just board.


I am in the same state as well.

My colleague was lucky enough to be selected in the A/B test of the tabs in the Asana Windows app. The funny thing is that the error with the incorrect window size (missing scroll bar) does not exist in his version. Apparently the bug has already been fixed in this version or has simply not been implemented :smile: :man_facepalming:

So glad I’m not the only one! It’s happening on all views, not just board view (for me). It’s super frustrating… really hoping this gets fixed soon…

Hy Community!
In my Desktop App on Windows 11 i’m missing when switching to the Full-View:

When changing to Full View the Scrollbar is hidden:

Anyone has an idea how to get back the Scrollbar?

Welcome, @Gabriel_Wernbacher,

This is a known bug with a fix in progress. I’ve merged your post so you can follow it in this thread.



6+ months to resolve seems excessive, no?


I am also experiencing this issue.

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