Paste screenshots / images directly instead of links



Any ETA on the Firefox extension or the actual fix on Asana side? This formatting options and image support in Asana are like from 1998.


Is not just a matter of pasting, it is also about better redaction and layout.

It is much more didactic writing:

Lorem ipsum 1:

[image thumbnail 1]

Lorem ipsum 2:

[image thumbnail 2]

Final note.

Than writing (as it is now):

Lorem ipsum 1:
Lorem ipsum 2:
Final note.

[image thumbnail 1]
[image thumbnail 2]


I work at a full service agency. We have designers, developers, and more roles in the company. There is a mix of text & visuals & files constantly being shared across team members. Being able to insert visuals in-line with text within the comment will be ace for us. Right now it inserts the visual as an attachment to the text. So if someone comes to the task, they will have try to match up the text in comment with the visual attached - and when the comments start to pile up it will add a lot of time to try to play the match up game.
The commenter will always have to mention the visual file name.

We are shifting from Basecamp to Asana, and the one thing we’ll miss from Basecamp (especially with a majority designer team) is the ability to attach the visuals within text in comments. We are rolling out on Monday and I’m sure this will be the biggest ask!

Thank you to Joe_Thomas for the Asana Paste extension - legend! I’ll try to make due with this in the meantime.

Meanwhile, Asana - pretty please, do create this feature! Our team will <3 this forever and it will minimise wanting to switch back to Basecamp or find another solution that bridges the divide between designers and developers better. Thank you thank you!!


An example of the request I’m asking for within comments was mentioned perfectly above me. This is what we used to do in Basecamp.

Homepage site design

Lorem ipsum 1:

[image thumbnail 1]

Lorem ipsum 2:

[image thumbnail 2]

Final note.

Than writing (as it is now):

Lorem ipsum 1:
Lorem ipsum 2:
Final note.

[image thumbnail 1]
[image thumbnail 2]


Is there any update from Asana on whether this feature is going to be supported and when? We use Asana to manage projects with clients and they’re starting to ask why we don’t use Slack. The lack of this feature is proving to be a big frustration.


Hi Liam - We appreciate your interest in this topic! We aren’t able to provide timelines for feature requests, but if you’re interested in learning more, I suggest you take a look here:


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Michael from Asana here!

I wanted to personally reach out & update all members of this thread of a recent update you may be excited to hear of. Our team of developers have integrated your feedback & have since rolled out the ability paste images from your clipboard in your Asana Tasks now!

Thank you again for sharing your feedback on features that are important to you & your workflows. It’s really helped us identify how our work can best serve our members all over the world, in what they’d like to see in their Asana.


Thanks. Now next step is being able to paste like…

[an image here]

Some text here

[another image here]

Some other text here


Babysteps @Juan_Diego, babysteps! joy:
Happy to pass this info on to our Team in the meantime!


That’s super awesome! Thanks Michael for sharing, I know lots of us are very excited to see some common features/workarounds being enveloped into Asana prime, so to speak ;D


Amazing, thank you so much :hugs: Even though the alternative only took some extra seconds this is very appreciated.


Yay! Thanks, Michael. I’m very excited to pass this on to my team.

It’s so rare that one feels that a company is actually listening to feedback. It’s one of the things that makes Asana stand out.


Great! Thanks!

Bye bye Chrome addon to paste images into Asana :smiley:.


I’m glad some people are happy with this but it’s not what I was hoping for. I’m with @Juan_Diego on this one. It’s inline images and some HTML formatting (like tables, ordered lists etc.) that I need in order for Asana to be a useful tool for e-mail messaging.


A great addition! Thanks for making headway on this. Another nice-to-have would be the ability to name the file as it gets pasted instead of just “image.png” or something.


I can paste images from clipboard in pretty much any service (including Github). Every time I find a bug in our product and want to log it, I have to take the screenshot, paste it somewhere (Imgur, for example) and paste the URL in the asana task. I think it shouldn’t be that hard.

BTW, I don’t mean this: Paste screenshots / images directly instead of links

I mean pasting an image from the actual clipboard.


@Santiago_Basulto, that’s actually exactly the requested feature in the linked post. :smile: For the moment, we just chose @Joe_Thomas’ suggestion as a temporary solution, since Asana doesn’t support it yet.

This is the ultimate goal:

  1. Take screenshot
  2. Paste in Asana

The only issue with the alternative solution is (1) it requires a chrome extension (which is no big deal as this is only a one time thing) and (2) all pasted images have the same file name (image.png).

Actually, @Joe_Thomas, can you perhaps add a little feature to the chrome extension? After CTRL+P is pressed, just before the actual code handling the paste function is triggered, can a popup window be displayed where user can choose a filename different than the default image.png? :smile:


Hi, Allen. I cannot change the Chrome extension…I’m not the author. I just suggested using it until Asana has the feature built-in (hopefully with inline image pasting!).

Easy way to add picture in a task

Oooooh! I thought you created that extension. Sorry! :smile:


Bump. All the other project management apps have this feature - Trello, JIRA, etc.