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Just starting here to try out Asana for a small voluntary organization to primarily track IT jobs, projects, and documentation.

We have multiple people role-sharing and joining/leaving, so passwords are often simple or uncontrolled. Tracking who needs passwords sometimes gets lost because our site does not have a systems administrator.

I haven’t really looked into any integrations, but I am wondering if anyone uses Asana for password control in any way?

I am hoping for a way to allow certain Asana users to see only particular passwords. If one is changed, then users with rights to view that password can see the update.

In the past I have just used Password Safe ( to track. I was thinking of using Google Drive (which can be integrated with Asana) to keep the encrypted database in the cloud and give the master password to key people, but this does not have any real granular control.

I’m sure there’s better ways to do this and am open to ideas! If i switch to a dedicated cloud-based password service, I’d really like it to work with Asana but it’s not mandatory :slight_smile:

Hi @Marty_Potter,

Security is very important to us here at Asana. Regarding keeping passwords safe for your team, there are, as you know, several different tools out there. At Asana we use 1Password ( and OneLogin ( These have worked very well for us at the individual and the team level.

I suggest that you take a look at the Asana Guide article on Privacy & Security here. You may want to read Asana’s Statement on Security for the company’s approach to security, too.

What do others here do for password security?

I can give 1password a ++ ! I really like the features and browser plugin

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Hi, I just managed to set a simplest password contains 1-8 numbers… Is there a way to set a more secure password control?

Hi Anna, I recall that Lastpass an option to create a complex password for you. That might interest you.

Hi Alexis,

How does it integrate into Asana account management on an enterprise level? We will need an organisation wide auto control for the whole company. It will be very difficult to do so on an individual level.

Many thanks,

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