Pass variables from zapier (python) to asana

So I have a problem that I’ve been struggling with for far too long.

This is my code, the resulting Asana task, and some error I’m getting that I dont understand. All I want to do is send the variables from a sign up form in squarespace (using Zapier) into Asana… this feels like it’d be the simplest thing ever but its turned into weeks long headache.

I know something is wrong with the way I pass the variables through html_notes but i dont know what Im doing wrong, and I dont know how I should pass all variables into asana… if you have help I’d appreicate it.

Zapier code is using python.

Try putting a line before the data= statement that builds the notes field, something like this:

notesfield = "<body>Full name is: " + fullname + "</body>"

Then in the data= statement, for the line where you have html_notes, replace it with this line:

"html_notes": notesfield,

Try that and see if it works the way you’re wanting.