How to inject variables into html notes

I have a simple application, I’m sending a form from squarespace to asana.

I want to pass the variables from the form into asana using a task (I think this is the best place for them).

I don’t know how to inject the variables into the html_notes, please help!

Here is the image of my code, I would like to add all the variables listed although I currently just show fullname.

Hi @Mike_Townsend,

I’m afraid the request is somewhat unclear.

What’s the screenshot of? Is that something provided within the Squarespace product, or a 3rd party integration tool (and if so, which one)?

Also, it seems that you’re saying the injection of “fullname” is functioning, so what’s stopping you from adding the additional fields there in the html_notes field as well?

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Hey Phil, I should have mentioned but that’s Zapier “Code with Zapier” connection to go from Squarespace to Asana. It’s using Python.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 2.25.58 PM

Injecting “fullname” isn’t working…

My goal is to be able to send information submitted on a form in squarespace to asana (I think html notes is the best way), however, I can’t seem to do that now.

Here is how it looks on Asana’s side.

OK, got it.

So it’s really exclusively a Zapier operation - it seems you just need to build the HTML Notes field into a string before sending it to Asana.

If it’s really just Python, couldn’t you concatenate the necessary values into a string? I don’t know Python but in C# it would be, for example:

html_notes = "Full name is: " + fullname;