paid version not showing start date options

when I try to create a follow up task with a start and end date from a project update (on a project in a business tier team) I get taken to the upgrade your membership page.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Go to project owned by Business user
  • Click most recent status update & read more
  • In status update comment box, click Create Follow Up Task
  • Name task, click Due Date
  • Start Date is showing upgrade icon

Asana desktop version

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Alison_Palme, thanks for reaching out! Let’s try to solve this together :slight_smile:

Since you mention you have a Business Team plan, all paid features, including start dates, are only available when you create tasks in projects that are part of your Business team. The tasks you create via the omnibutton are not associated to any project or team so it’s consider a task in a Free space.

In order to add a start date to your task, please first add it to a project in your Business team and then you will see the option!

I hope this helps! Let me know if you still cannot add start dates and we can investigate further!

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