Overlapping Task Due Dates within Project

I am trying to plan out a Project that could have tasks that overlap in due date ranges. For instance, while Task A is being reviewed, I can begin Task B. Then, once I’ve received notes on Task A, I’ll send out Task B for review and begin addressing the notes on Task A.

Since Task A & B will be staggered, what’s the best way to track that the Project is on track to be completed, as a whole, by the deadline? Given 5 tasks, is there an easy way to make sure, e.g., Tasks A & B are completed within the first 2/5ths of the Project timeline?

Let me know if my question can be clearer. Thanks for any suggestions/best practices!

Maybe you can use the critical path? Another way would be to define milestones with hard dates and make sure they don’t shift?

Thanks! I’ll look into that.