Outlook not syncing after initial set-up

I have had a ticket in since last week. Unfortunately, after looking through other threads, it seems no one at Asana has the time nor resources to help troubleshoot why, once I sync my calendar a 1st time, it does not continue to do so post-sync.

They shouldn’t call it a sync option if it doesn’t do this whatsoever.

My work team and myself would greatly appreciate anyone’s feedback/response. Incredibly frustrated to say the least. Totally defeats 1/2 the purpose of the software.

Hi @Samantha_Jones2 , welcome to the forum :wave:

Sorry to hear about your issue. If you have a ticket with Asana support, it’s best to wait until a response from them, before replying to your ticket again cos that will send it back to the bottom of the pile. Note, if you are on the free Basic/Personal tier, the response time will be longer.

Could you elaborate a bit on your case; what is your expectation, what are you trying to achieve?
What do you mean by ‘post-sync’? What Calendar are you using, Google, MS Outlook?

The more specific you are, the more likely Asana support, or us volunteers in the forum, could help you.

Try this, it may explain (no promises): https://help.asana.com/hc/en-us/articles/14249927141147-Calendars-and-Asana#gl-outlook

Im my experience 2+ years back, Asana synching (with Google in my case) has been bug-ridden to the point of unuseability, and the product claims are more aspirational that reality-based. Perhaps it’s better now.

If you do get the synching working, then I would recommend close attention to how well it is working as to accuracy and timeliness.

Sadly, this is my first test / experience with Asana. The initial synch works, but after that… NOTHIN’ It make the product not useable.