Other Workspace access consuming our license

Hi Guys, Remove from ABC workspace will remove users from client workspaces as well.

Currently what is happening, many users are working on Client workspace, when try to login using @abc email it gets an error because Asana authentication is linked with MS SSO and user added in Azure AD only able to login into asana. Even if user need access to client workspace we need to add user to Azure AD group then only user able to access client workspace but consume ABC company asana license. Is it correct process for different organization workspace access, we need to allocate license of ABC asana access then only user get client workspace access ?

Hi @Vikrant.Yadav, thank you for the question!

The workspace ABC seems to be an “organization” with a organization-wide subscription, where the email address with abc domain is associated with the organization.
So, when someone new signs up with Asana with an abc email, that user is counted as a member of the ABC organization.

If you don’t want to consume licenses, the workaround would be:

  • To start division subscription and only add users to that division when they need to access paid features
  • People working only in the client workspace don’t add the abc email to their account

I hope it helps, and let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

@Shun_Sakurai Thanks a lot for your help!

How to start division subscription ? Do I need to ask Asana support for this ?

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My pleasure :slight_smile:
Please contact sales:

If you’re interested in setting up a division within your organization, please contact our Sales team.

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