Origin of "Asana created" custom fields?

Hi Asana Team,

I want to sort in the custom fields, and while looking at the list in the organization’s library, I noticed:

  • “Copy of Priority” : is said to be Asana Created, but without the “Asana logo”
  • “Priority” has the same name as the original Asana created name. Everytime we try to create an already existing custom field we get a warning and we can’t, so how can we have two identical fields?
  • “Priority” is the original Asana Created
  • “Priority 11610…” : said to be “Asana Created”, has the Asana logo. How did this one appear? by copying a project?


I know we can’t remove the original “Asana created” fields, but is there a solution to remove the last one with all the figures, which is not an original field?

Have a nice day

To complete my previous post, I’ve just found a project having all the custom fields with figures.
But this project is a Asana project template, and once I create it, it doesn’t use the default Asana fields.

I went on with this idea, and in fact all the “number” fields are in projects that were created from an Asana template.

HI @Julien_RENAUD,

Although they have the same suite of numbers, these custom fields seem to be different than the one you’re sharing in your first screenshot.

Either way looks like there is something odd here.

I also have a feeling this could be related to templates. I’m a little limited with tools to investigate this issue, but our support team should be able to help. Could you reach out to them with the following info?

  • Name of the space where you’re experiencing the issue
  • URL of the Editorial calendar project
  • If you can identify any task of projects with the custom field “Priority 11610…” can you share the URL

Once this gets resolved, do you mind sharing here what was causing this issue?

PS; If easier, don’t hesitate to reach out to support in french :slight_smile:

Yes sorry, was not the same project :wink:
Here is the screenshot with the priority field:

Ok I’ll contact support :+1:
No thank you I need to improve my english :rofl:

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Super, make sure to share the URL of this project then :slight_smile:

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So the conclusion is, I believe, that Asana’s template are not smart enough to use existing custom fields and rather create a new instance of the field each time. Correct?

No I don’t think this is the issue @Bastien_Siebman, but let’s see what comes out of @Julien_RENAUD investigation :slight_smile:

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