Organization with two email domains

Hi all! i run a real estate investment firm. the company has four related companies (each with its own email domain)

Investment Managers
Property Management
Construction Management

Even though they are all 4 different companies with separate email domains, technically they are all under the same company roof.
Love some advice on how I should set up the organization…should i just make organization the name of the umbrella company and then create Teams for the separate companies (construction, brokerage, etc)?

I am currently trying to move my company away from email, Wunderlist, and Microsoft Teams…“yay”

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Hi @Jordan_Friedman! If you need to do some cross-functional work, I would advise you to keep them all in the same organization and to create a Team for each company. Simply contact our support team (Asana Pricing | Free, Premium, Business, & Enterprise plans • Asana) and they will assist you to add your 4 domains to your Organization. Just bear in mind that if you are operating on the free version of Asana, you can only add a maximum of 15 Members per Team (Asana Pricing | Free, Premium, Business, & Enterprise plans • Asana).

If each of your company is operating independently, you might want to consider creating 4 separated Organization to give yourself a little bit more flexibility.

Curious to see what other member recommend you here! :slight_smile: Of course, if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know!


If your team member are willing to move away from emails all together, you could have one email address like and then create an account for each employee using the following pattern:

All email notifications will end up in but if they use the Asana Inbox they won’t need it. Only thing is: someone with access to need to setup every accounts…

Or you buy a domain name and add a bunch of addresses to it with forwards to the employees addresses. That should cost a few dollars only, see for example.

@Marie thank you for the response!

we only have a total of 13 people (across all companies) on the initial roll out. if i try to move the whole company at once i will be drawn and quartered…

so, for example,
3 people with domain A
4 with domain B
4 with domain C
2 with domain D

ESSENTIALLY, we are one company with different departments so i dont want to setup 4 different organizations cause i really want to encourage cross collab

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Our organization is basically 1 company that manages 20 other companies (clients). Generally speaking each of our 20ish employees is only working for 3-5 companies at a time, but they all get paid by the parent company. I add everyone using their parent company email address, then add each staff member to the teams that correspond to their clients. It’s worked well for us so far.

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will that work when everyone doesn’t have parent company email address though?

3 people with parent company domain
4 with domain B
4 with domain C
2 with domain D

I think that works, you just have to do it like Marie suggested.

How could i use multiple domains and get all of them premium features?

Yes @Shai_Shapira, you can have multiple domains attached to an Organization (in order to set this up, you would need to reach to our support team). If your Organization is premium, all members of this Organization (no matter what their domain is) will have access to premium features with this premium Org!

Hope this helps :slight_smile: